The Open Group TOGAF 9 makes its debut

The Open Group released TOGAF 9 earlier this month. All the details are available on the Open Group website for those who are interested. This post briefly shares the highlights and differences but is not a complete indepth analysis.

Version 9  builds on Version 8.1.1 with quite a bit that is new and is a significant milestone for TOGAF. It now comprises seven parts:

  • Introduction
  • Architecture development method (ADM)
  • ADM guidelines and techniques   New!
  • Architecture content framework    New!
  • Architectural reference models  
  • Architectural capability framework    New!


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  The new features in summary:

  • TOGAF is more modular in its structureallowing organisations to review, understand and adopt portions of TOGAF as applicable to their business situation.  This means the incremental adoption or even selective adoption in concert with other architecture frameworks is much more achievable than in the past.

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  • The new content framework provides a structural model for major architectural work productsproduced during the development/evolution of the ADM.  The can be cayegorised as deliverables, artifacts and building blocks.  To support this framework the use of the content metamodel is recommended. It provides: 
    • Linkages and the information that is needed in the Architecture Development Method (ADM)
    • Defines the work products that are needed
    • Classifies information and shows high level relations.
    • More information is provided in the Architectural Principles, Requirements and Vision areas
  • togaf9b

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  • Where TOGAF is used in multiple architectural projects, at different levels, within the enterprise guidance has been provided for providing a holistic, integrated enterprise architectural view and best practice . This guidance includes partitioning strategies, an architecture repository and a enterprise architecture capability framework. 


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My initial impression are positive and I think it is a step in the right direction, espcially since Version 9 now also recognises that collaboration with other standards bodies and commentary frameworks is important and is still encouraged. This is critical for the long term success of any Enterprise Architecture Framework. TOGAF however is still mostly at the process level and dealing at a high level of abstraction should be expected as is the case with most reference frameworks IMHO.

The document is available for download here with an acompanying introductory whitepaper while migration guidance can be found here.

The online version of TOGAF 9 framework is available online here

 This post is licenced under a Creative Commons Licence.
TOGAF details are Copyright of The Open Group.

2 thoughts on “The Open Group TOGAF 9 makes its debut

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  2. Ian, I share your view that TOGAF 9 is a step forward for enterprise architecture. Especially the content framework and metamodel.

    TOGAF 9 presents the first public enterprise architecture framework to cover the full spectrum of content, process and needed capabilities. Now, companies can “Never mind the architecture frameworks” and just use TOGAF.

    – The Rasmussen Report at

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