Forrester Wave Q2 2008 – Business Rules Platforms – Pegasystems a Leader

This Forrester Wave report (download here) is a little old as it was released in mid 2008 but I thought it would be interesting for those of you who follow industry analyst opinion.

Forrester places a high importance on business rules as part of creating dynamic business applications that support a build for change approach to creating business solutions. It is also important to note that these Business Rules Engines form a key component of BPM solutions.

Forrester evaluated 13 platforms from 11 vendors using 175 different criteria that organizations typically review when selecting a Business Rules Management System. Forrester positioned vendors based on the strength of their current offering as well as overall strategy.

The report found Pegasystems to have the highest scores for Current Offering and one of three “resounding Leaders as general-purpose business rules platforms”.

It is clear therfore that the importance of unifying business rules with business processes as a special ingredient in this new found agility will continue to grow. Pegasystems has also been ranked as a leader by Gartner in the BPMS space (download BPMS report here).

Watch this space for the new 2009 Gartner BPMS MQ to be released shortly.


This post is licenced under a Creative Commons Licence.
Individual reports and their contents are under Copyright of Forrester and Gartner respectively.

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