Gartner Publish BPMS Magic Quadrant for 2009

Gartner have released their 2009 Magic Quadrant report for Business Process Management Suites (login required). They have reviewed their approach to focus their analysis on product support for use cases, rather than product features and functions. This change has altered their assessment of the relative strengths of the vendors since their 2007 Magic Quadrant.

The four uses cases used for vendor evaluation are:

  • Implementation of a Specific Process-Based Application
  • Support for a Continuous Process Improvement Mentality
  • Redesign for a Process-Based SOA
  • Business Transformation Initiatives

Some of the report findings include:

State of the Market

Overall, 2008 marked a turning point for BPM as a discipline. Hundreds of interactions with enterprises lead us to conclude that they are scaling up their efforts to establish BPM as an enterprise program — not just apply its methods and technologies to one-off projects.  

The Magic Quadrant for 2009

 … more than 40 providers worldwide for our 2009 Magic Quadrant, of which 22 met the inclusion criteria. Thus, the Magic Quadrant graphs the relative strength of the top vendors offering multiregional, cross-industry BPMSs that interest Gartner clients and nonclients the most. These vendors account for most of the spending in the BPMS market.


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The report can be downloaded from the Pegasystems web site

The comparative Forrester Report can be found on the Software AG site:

This post is licenced under a Creative Commons Licence.
Individual reports and their contents are under Copyright of  Gartner and Forrester Respectively

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