How to Become a Customer Driven Organisation

I recently wrote a post on a survey about the state of Customer Experiences in the Banking industry. It identified a high proportion of customer  dissatisfaction with regards their overall banking experiences.


Harvard Business Publishing posted an article that I found very interesting in relation to how a business can improve its customer experiences. It is based on the following premise:

 …customer experience is an organizational mindset. It’s not something a business buys, it’s something a business becomes. Customer experience refers to the totality of experience a customer has with a business, across all channels and touchpoints.

Becoming a “Customer Experience-Driven Business” is a journey that requires a clear focus, organisation wide involvement and change management to ensure the required outcome is achieved. Technology is not enough!

“Embracing customer experience is a process, one that requires fundamental shifts in how your business behaves and is organized.”

A sure way to get this transformational change is to have empathy for the customer and understand how it feels to interact with the business from outside. Combining this customer centric information and attitude with organisational governance, technology and working practices will focus the effort .

It isn’t just “about efficiency and effectiveness and reducing waste throughout your processes.” …”This is about choreographing what you already have (technologies, people, offerings) to better respond to your customers’ needs and wants.”


This post is licenced under a Creative Commons Licence.
Extracts are Copyright of Harvard Business Publishing

4 thoughts on “How to Become a Customer Driven Organisation

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  2. Customer Care guys are really the ones who make or break a business. Many a times, you receive a call from a bank from different people and that too for the same purpose.

    Somehow there has to be a tracking system for them that indicates that a particular person has been called N number of times.

    Also with the arrival of Social Media, making or breaking a brand has become much simpler.Hence it has become very important for brands to retain Long-Time customers since they evangelize the brand, once they leave ; a chain of other people would also leave !!!

    As tboehm30 has rightly pointed out, Call Centers have to change !!!

    -Himanshu Sheth

    • tboehm30, Himanshu,

      Thanks for your comments and it seems like we are in agreement.

      I think that many organisations have treated a Call Centre as a commodity/must have function and not really a proper channel of communication with their customers. It is for this reason that it is one of the first things that would be outsourced to some part of the world that has no clue what I need as a customer. They also tend to lack a frame of refernce for the geography that the customer is in.

      It seems to me that when deciding to outsource a function, I would first conssider outsourcing IT Development or Operations functions as these are fairly well understood and they do not affect direct revenues but rather influence bottom line costs.

      Which would you consider to be more risky?

  3. The stereotype of a call center worker is a person in a small cube answering the phone, playing games on his computer, switching the customer over to their cube-mate as their supervisor, and generally annoying the customer.

    From the customer point of view, this stereotype seems right on. From a company point of view, there is nothing worse.

    I agree that the company needs to do everything in its power to change the culture into one that can work with customers. They need an environment where customers and call agents learn from each other.

    Too many times the customer is treated as a waste of time; as a problem that has to be dealt with. We need call agents who answer the phone with an attitude of helpfulness and productivity. Wow that would be great.

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