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I was recently asked by a customer if I know of any free process modeling and automation tools. This got me thinking of how many vendors provide a free edition of their software for unlimited use i.e. no trial basis or try before you buy editions. After some research I came up with the following short list.

 Free BPM and Process Modeling Tools:

I have not evaluated each application so could not comment on their strengths and weaknesses but would be interested to hear about other free BPM and/or Enterprise Architecture tools so I can add them to my resource list

47 thoughts on “Free BPM Modeling Tools

  1. I see process improvement activities as an ongoing event. As you move new people into and out of a process, it may be beneficial to change the process to fit the new personnel

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  4. It’s hard to find experienced people in this particular topic, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

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  6. I have used the BizAgi few years back. A simple easy to use tool. I came back looking for the BPM tools and I recalled the name after seeing your blog here. Am going to use it again now!

    Hari Krishna

  7. Make sure to check out Interfacing’s FREE BPMN Modeler for MS VIsio ( — a great first step to increase your organization’s process maturity level while remaining within the familiar MS Visio interface.

    The Free BPMN Modeler is an intuitive add-on for Microsoft Visio® that allows users to automatically convert their maps into industry-standard BPMN® and add the depth required for proper analysis:
    Process hierarchies/ drill-down
    Role/system/ KPI object reuse & impact analysis
    Extended attributes (description, owner/ responsible, cost, duration, delay, etc.)
    Simplified Management (auto-sequencing, automated swimlane & value-stream views)

    Connect with me on Linked In if you are interested in more details — thanks, Scott

  8. In a short period of time the process platform MotionIQ will be launched. The platform is built on the Microsoft environment and supports modeling, execution and reporting tools. The licensing model is Freemium which in this case means that the platform will be fully available with the complete range of functionality out of the box, but the usage will have some limitations.

    More information can be found at:

  9. There’s also Innovator for Business Analysts which is seeing increased usage in the UK. You can find out more from their UK distributor ( and download the free Personal edition by following the links from that site or direct from
    Innovator for BA provides BPMN 2.0, bits of UML (Use case, class and state diagrams), data structure modelling and organisation.resource modelling, as well as integration with full UML & data modelling tools in the Enterprise Suite (not free).

  10. Hello,
    I have downloaded BizAgi to create model (xpdl format).
    But when I am trying import these models in HP ALM 11 I am facing file format error.
    could you please help me with same

    • This is an issue with HP ALM 11, it currently only accepts older BPMN notation and XPDL file formats. I don’t exactly remember the version it does accept, but we have only had success importing models into HP ALM 11 using Pro-Vision (very expensive).

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  15. If you are interested in expanding your list beyond BPM and EA, Corticon offers its Business Rules Modeling software for free (available at BRM is highly complementary to BPM, and the pair are essential in building SOA-centric applications that are easy to create and change.

  16. Hi,

    I propose to add to the list Bonita Open Solution 5.0. Bonita Open Solution is not only a free BPM modeling tool but a fully functional BPM solution in open source.

    The solution can be downloaded at

    Please also find hereafter some additional information about the solution:

    Bonita Open Solution is an intuitive and powerful Business Process Management (BPM) solution to create process based applications for simple to complex projects. It is composed by:

    – Bonita Studio, a brand-new graphical interface that supports BPM notation standard. It has a wide array of connectors, ready to be linked to the most commonly used proprietary or open source solutions.

    – Bonita User Experience, a portal conceived to be as simple as an e-mail inbox, making the execution of a process intuitive, and providing an overview of the steps underway.

    – BPM applications generation to deploy a completely independent application in a few clicks.


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  19. Barium Live! is another alternative, completely free and brand new. It’s web-based collaborative and easy to use. The processes can be configured and integrated with business tools, and execute the process as an application very easily.

    Please try it it’s great!

    (I happen to work there, just wanted to spread the word)

  20. The BizAgi process modeller is so easy to use, it’s hard to believe it’s free. Yes, there are a few limitations, but I’ve been working around them and have done a lot of work with it. I have even used it for other types of diagrams (such as state-transition diagrams), because it’s easy to create something that is presentable to the customer.

    • Hello,
      I have downloaded BizAgi to create model (xpdl format).
      But when I am trying import these models in HP ALM 11 I am facing file format error.
      could you please help me with same.

    • Barium Live! is actually completely free for all BPMN modeling purposes including a limited online collaboration feature (you will receive a free license key for the modeler on the web site after registering).

  21. One that’s missing from the list is from Intalio which, in one earlier incarnation, became the Eclipse BPMN modeler. The current Intalio version (which also runs on Mac OS X — a rarity) is at:

    Another is Savvion’s:

    A third is ITP Commerce’s BPMN modeler plug-in for Visio (a fairly comprehensive one):

    There are a number of “process modelers” that aren’t BPMN compliant, but the ones above are (at various levels).

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  23. Why not also list the SAAS-based modeling tools that are free. Saves your client the trouble of installing stuff.
    Processmaker, Skemma, Lombardi Blueprint, Appian Anywhere, and probably already more.


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  26. Hi Ian,

    As for the free business process modelling tools:
    ADONIS:Community Edition ( allows you to model, analyse, simulate and document your processes. There’s also BPEL export.

    If you use Eclipse – there’s a Eclipse BPMN Modeller (

    There are also free tools available online (last two are ‘freemium’):
    Oryx (
    Lombardi Blueprint (
    Gliffy (

    Best regards,


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