BPM in the Cloud – What’s it all about?

Business Process Management is becoming more common place and has become accepted as a business imperative by most organisations. The adoption of Cloud based solutions that provide integrated process SaaS offerings is however still not as widely accepted but is finding traction.

A recent event from Cordys explains “How Cloud Computing Will Change Business Process Management” in which George Barlow, the CEO of Cloud Harbor, Inc. a Cloud computing software and services company presents a view of how:

…the  increasing relevance of Cloud computing, using BPM systems will be offered in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model and be delivered in on-premise service appliances behind the firewall.

… it explores these topics and provide a glimpse into these significant new business technologies to be delivered “in the Cloud”.

It is obviously a vendor and service provider view of the business and technological value proposition but in my opinion, the webinar (with audio option) is one of the better introductions to ‘BPM in the Cloud’ and is also supported by various analyst market forecasts.

Check out the webinar  here (requires short registration) or alternatively, the slides from the presentation are below for those who are ‘time challenged’   🙂



4 thoughts on “BPM in the Cloud – What’s it all about?

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  2. Ian, thanks for posting George’s slides. In addition to the advantages of the SaaS model listed in the slides there is another important reason why our customers choose to go down the SaaS path:
    The possibility to easily collaborate across organizational boundaries.
    Signavio provides a cloud-based BPA (business process analysis) platform. Here, consultants can easily share process diagrams with their clients and these clients, in turn, can get their other business partners involved.
    For more details, please visit http://www.signavio.com

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