Ovum Publish BPM Vendor Decision Matrix

According to a press release from Metastorm, Ovum have released a new report about the BPM Vendor market.

The report evaluates BPM vendors based on a quantitative assessment of their market impact, end-user sentiment, and technology offering, and places them in one of three categories — explore, consider, or shortlist.

The analysis has considered various Vendors including: – Cordys, Oracle, Lombardi, Intalio, Pegasystems, SAP, Tibco, Metastorm and IBM. The press release states that Ovum have concluded the following:

Metastorm is placed in the elite “shortlist” category, which not only distinguishes its integrated software suite as “best of breed,” but also designates Metastorm as a vendor that should always be on the shortlist for any enterprise evaluating BPM solutions. According to the report, Metastorm is at “the very summit of the BPM competitive landscape.”

By contrast, Oracle and Savvion were the other vendors who made it into the ‘Shortlist’ category, while Lombardi, Appian, Active Endpoints, Ultimus, IBM and Pegasystems were in the ‘Consider’ category followed by AuraPortal, Cordys, Intalio, SAP and Tibco in the ‘Explore’ category.

I would be interested to hear your thoughts and experiences on Metastorm and if they should be on every evalutaion shortlist. The report can be found here for anybody who is interested.


Pegasystems Announces New Additions to Cloud Computing Offering – SmartPaaS

Pegasystems has announced that they have released new offerings on their Cloud based SmartPaaS platform – Instance Manager™ and Instant Edition™.

The according to the write up in their press release:

SmartPaaS Instance Manager automates the entire life cycle of requesting, approving, creating and tracking development and test environments for Pegasystems’ SmartBPM solutions. Customers, partners and BPM Centers of Excellence (COE’s) can use this application to provision — in about 30 minutes — secure, high performance environments on Amazon Web Services. It also includes a sophisticated management console and reporting capability.

SmartPaaS Instant Edition offers a secure, high performance cloud environment to simplify the development lifecycle of BPM projects for teams working on projects from disparate geographies. The finished application is 100% portable between the cloud and internal data center environments.

Both offerings are available on a simple monthly subscription basis.


It will be interesting to see how this offering from Pega compares to all the other vendors in this space including:

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Gartner Release Enterprise Architecture MQ 2009 – Findings

Earlier in the year I posted about how EA and BPM are merging in both the practioner and tools space. This was also highlighted by evidence  from reports by Gartner and Forrester.

Gartner has released their latest analysis of the Enterprise Architecture vendor market.

Their overall assessment is favourable and in summary states the following:

  • EA tools adoption has increased despite economic challenges
  • Tools vendors have increased the richness of the features and functionality of their tools sets
  • Merger and aquisition activity (Software AG buying IDS Scheer) has provided momentum for 2009/2010.
  • Most tools seem to be more well rounded and now include, modelling, business intelligence and analysis capabilities that use a single data repository.
  • Open source and entry level tools have emerged and are seen to be gaining acceptance and interest but it is too early to tell what type of adoption there will be by a wider audience.
  • There is recognition in the market that entry level and no cost offerings can pose a longer term threat to vendors. This is as a result of vendors not listening to customers and not not aligning themselves with customer needs and their associated adoption of a fit for purpose EA tool.

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Overview of 12 Different Approaches to Business Process Modeling

An informative post describing the various ways to model business processes can be found at Active Knowledge Modeling.

In addition to the common transformational process models, this post discusses block structured languages, storytelling, and process modeling languages that are hierarchical, flow-oriented, role-oriented, communication-oriented, declarative, goal-oriented, timelines, product and document state machines etc.


BPMN – FREE Quick Reference Cheat Sheet & Visio Stencil

For those of you who are new to Business Process Management Notation (BPMN) or have years of experience, this free poster will be a useful resource.


The BPMN poster is based on BPMN Specification 1.0 and the poster’s source file is available from Sourceforge’s repository.

UPDATE 01/02/2010: BPMN Version 2.0 poster can be downloaded here: http://www.bpmn.info/2010/01/06/kostenloser-versand-des-bpmn-2-0-posters-in-deutschland/

eClarus – Roundtripping Business Process and SOA Modeling

I recently had an opportunity to review the eClarus Business Process Modeler from eClarus Software. I found it to be an intuitive, very feature rich and versatile tool mainly targeted to business analysts and developers who are designing and developing SOA solutions.

The product suite is positioned as a tool that is standards based and enables roundtrip business process and SOA modelling. eClarus is available is targeted at two categories of user:

  • Business Analysts
  • SOA Architects

The product has some interesting capabilities that can definitely be useful to individual users and small teams. The integration with other products e.g. Eclipse  (using a plugin) is especially useful, even though it tends to be  focused at development teams and the related tools sets used for configuration management etc.

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Are we there yet..EA and BPMS convergence? – Forrester Wave:BPA and EA Report Q1 2009 Released

For those of you are not always following the analysts and vendors so closely to stay up to date on new reports, I thought I would share with you the new Forrester WaveTM: Business Process Analysis, EA Tools, And IT Planning, Q1 2009 report.

In this second release of Forrester’s assessment of enterprise architecture and business process analysis (BPA) tools, Forrester assessed nine leading vendors in a 93-criteria evaluation. We found that IDS Scheer, Casewise, MEGA, Metastorm, and Troux Technologies lead the pack for general EA tool usage. For the more specific IT planning usage category, these Leaders are joined by the most powerful vendor in this specific category: alfabet. The Leaders are followed by IBM, a Strong Performer in all three categories; iGrafx, a Strong Performer in the business process analysis category and the general EA category; and Sybase, a Contender in all three categories. 

Source: Forrester Wave Report, Executive Summary 

One aspect of the report that struck me was that their seems to be a very mixed set of vendors with similar functionality (Enterprise asset modelling , BI, repositories, integration meta models etc.) but many very different/diverse areas of focus and associated value for adoption by the business and IT. There does not seem to be any major suprises/changes in the terms of the vendors postions listed in the report but this left me wondering:

  • I recognise that not all BPA/EA tools are created equal, but where are all the other EA vendors in this area and what type of adoption do they have e.g. Qualiware, Promis, Sparx Systems, Orbussoftware etc. not to mention any of the Open Source (OSS) tools e.g. iteraplan, ADONIS, Prote’ge’?

  • How long before BPA vendors such as IDS Scheer, Casewise etc. start extending their BPA capabilities into areas that have traditionally been the sole domain of EA modelling , repository and BPMS tools? Since the  Proforma acquisition, Metastom have an end to end BPA/EA/BPMS capability that should put them in a very good position in my opinion.

  • Will this toolset convergence (if any) be seen as the next evolution in the convergence of SOA, BPM, EA and by extension what value will be delivered to organisations?

  • Will this convergence (if any) be too big a leap for organisations to adopt, given that many are finding the individual adoption of EA, BPM and SOA initiatives challenging?

I would be interested to hear your thoughts…

A copy of the Forrester report can be downloaded here or from many of the vendors sites listed in the report.

A copy of the Gartner BPMS Magic Quadrant 2007 can be found here.

 This post is licenced under a Creative Commons Licence.
Individual reports and their contents are under Copyright of Forrester and Gartner respectively.