I have created this blog to share some of my thoughts, experiences and insights related in the main to Business Process Management, but also to express my thoughts and experience on how organisations can deliver improvements and ‘accelerate time to business value’ using technology enablers and best practice.

So who am I?

I have many years of experience in the IT industry (in various Senior Management and Principal Consultancy roles) and have been responsible for managing and delivering many challenging, diverse projects in both private and public sectors. I have also had the pleasure of creating and managing various competency centres (EAI, Enterprise Architecture, BPM) for large global consultancies.

My last role was as a Principal Consultant and Strategist for a BPM vendor in which I help customers and partners to not just better understand the value Business Process Management can deliver, but also how to approach BPM in a pragmatic way to ensure ongoing success. My LinkedIn profile can be found here.

Do you work for a BPM vendor?

As I do not work for one anymore this is probably not an issue but having worked for vendors and consultancies I do understand where the issues are when it comes to working collaboratively. I do not have any vendor or consultancy agenda at heart but having been in the industry long enough to share your scepticism, I truly assure you that sharing experiences and knowledge about BPM is at the heart of this blog.

In some cases I will be referring to some of the anonymised projects, experiences and features I have implemented and therefore it will be showing some product features (where approriate) but that is not primary focus of this site.

Getting involved…

Please feel free to contact me with offers, questions, comments, experiences or thoughts about Business Transformation, BPM, Business Strategy, Organisational Design or similar subject matter.

Disclaimer – NOTE: The opinions expressed here are those of the author, are not necessarily reviewed in advance by anyone but the individual author.