How to Become a Customer Driven Organisation

I recently wrote a post on a survey about the state of Customer Experiences in the Banking industry. It identified a high proportion of customer  dissatisfaction with regards their overall banking experiences.


Harvard Business Publishing posted an article that I found very interesting in relation to how a business can improve its customer experiences. It is based on the following premise: Continue reading


Recent Banking Survey – Missed Opportunity to Improve Customer Experience

The following paragraphs are extracts from a recent survey done by Pegasystems into how the banking industry are not meeting the service expectations of their customers.

…more than half of those questioned feel poorly served or informed by their banks. Yet 78% said it was important or essential that their bank knew and understood the customer as an individual with specific needs.

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Performance Metrics and KPIs – A Back Catalogue

I have been doing some work recently defining a performance measurement framework and during my cyber travels came across a site that catalogues a wide range of KPIs. Thought it may be useful for others who are looking for some specific descriptions of KPIs.

KPI and Performance Management

The KPI Library describes themselves as follows:

The free Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Library is a community of business professionals that provides a catalogue of KPIs for identifying & prioritizing the KPIs that really matter for your organization’s success. Login or register for access.

A link can also be found on my Resource page. I would be interested to hear how useful it is.