Free Enterprise Architecture Modeling Tools

While researching BPM Process Modeling tools recently (see post here),  I also came across a few Enterprise Architecture tools that I thought I would share with readers.

iteraplan, the Essentials Project and the Togaf Customiser are all Open Source initiatives and are briefly summarised below:


Claimed to be the first open source tool for enterprise architecture management (EAM), iteraplan is based on the IT landscape modelling method developed by the consulting company iteratec.

It is available in two editions: Community Edition (CE) and Enterprise Edition (EE). A feature comparison table can be found here.

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Comparison of Zachman, TOGAF and PeaF – Survey Results

I am continually faced with Organisational and IT related complexity of customers I work with on a daily basis.

As most readers would know, the fundamental purpose of an EA Framework (and associated method(s)) is to manage complexity through visibility, abstraction and governanace and therefore it is important that the framework and method are not overly complex.  

Following up on from a previous post about the new Pragmatic Enterprise Aritecture Framework (PeaF), I thought that interested readers would find the survey results comparing Togaf v9, Zachman and PeaF enlightening.

The founders of PeaF have published the results of how TOGAF v9, Zachman and PeaF compare and the highlevel results are reflected in the graph below.  The data does not say how many contributors were surveyed or what their demographics were but according to the published results on the website, PeaF is smaller and less complex, whilst being easier to use and covering more of the scope of EA.



Underpinning these results is a data table (shown below).

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The Open Group TOGAF 9 makes its debut

The Open Group released TOGAF 9 earlier this month. All the details are available on the Open Group website for those who are interested. This post briefly shares the highlights and differences but is not a complete indepth analysis.

Version 9  builds on Version 8.1.1 with quite a bit that is new and is a significant milestone for TOGAF. It now comprises seven parts:

  • Introduction
  • Architecture development method (ADM)
  • ADM guidelines and techniques   New!
  • Architecture content framework    New!
  • Architectural reference models  
  • Architectural capability framework    New!


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