BPM & EA Resource List

This page contains some of the typical resources that can help you along your journey. It will be updated from time to time as I have time.

Selected BPM(S) Vendors:

Non Free BPA Tools

Free BPM, EA and Process Modeling Tools/Services:

General IT & BPM News, Analysis, Market Info etc.

Requirements, Analysis & Transformation

Microsoft BPM

Industry, Enterprise Architecture & Related Frameworks, Organisations etc.

Selected EA & Process Modelling Vendors & Related info

Blog Roll

Performance & Decision Management

BPM & IT Standards Organisations

Training, Certification & Professional Bodies

50 thoughts on “BPM & EA Resource List

  1. Hi,

    Very useful blog! Thanks for managing it!

    Noticed that nobody talks here about Bosch Software Innovations’ inubit. It is a great BPM system, but you don’t get anything for free from them.

    Savvion is now owned by Aurea – http://www.aurea.com/. Progress decided that the BPM, Sonic MQ, etc. are not part of their core businesses an 1.5 years ago.

    The link for SoftwareAG is broken. From another side webMethods is a product owned by SoftwareAG. You may want to merge these two items in the “Selected BPM(S) Vendors” section.


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  3. Hi Ian,

    It would be great if you could also add “The ADOit:Community Edition” (www.adoit-community.com) to the free EA tool section and “BOC Group – ADOit” to the EA & Process Modelling Vendors section. Thanks!


  4. Hi,
    Could you also add this entry in a suitable category please.

    Concentricsys.com has launched their flagship product the “Acuity
    Business rules composer” that allows users to create and run
    declarative business rules in plain english of the if-then format.
    Acuity BRMS is designed to run in the enterprise and on the public
    cloud such as Amazon AWS. Please update your list of vendors to
    include Acuity BRMS from concentricsys.com

    Om Viswanathan
    Founder and CEO,
    Business rules for everyone

  5. Interesting topic,, but why you did not mention about the Joget BPM in your topic. as i am thinking of start working on it … did u have any feedback about the Joget tool???

  6. Great List. Especially for the free-modelling-tools, it would help greatly, if a rating was indicated alongside (or ability for viewers to vote).

  7. Ian,

    Bluespring Software has both Analytic tools (ProcessView) and an Enterprise BPM tool aptly named BPM Suite. We just launched a 100% free version of Bluespring’s ProcessView tool for Microsoft Visio. Check it out when you have time.

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  9. Hi Ian,

    Thanks for providing this list and keeping it updated. It is an excellent resource.

    A quick update: AccuProcess now offers a LITE edition of its business process modeling software which is free and has no time limits or any other constraints that I can see.

    It is available at: http://www.accuprocess.com

    It would be great if you can add it to your list of Free BPM, EA and Process Modeling Tools/Services -> Client/Server Installations.

    Thank you, regards,

    – Patricia Liu

  10. KPI Portal (www.kpi-portal.com) is a quitte young website that offers a lot of KPI’s. Nothing new, is what I hear you thinking. Correct, but at KPI Portal, KPI’s are filed under a number of categories: the Balanced Scorecard dimension the KPI matches with, the industry the KPI is worth implementing for, and the business process that can be measured with the KPI. That last dimension makes it a useful website for your visitors, I think.

  11. Hi,

    I am looking for a tool which has a quality assurance i.e. related to the complexity and structure of the process model
    Do you/any of guests have an experience with such tools ?

    • Hi Ron

      Not sure what the context or your requirement is or your budget but in my experience, most BPM Platforms have have an integrated modeling tool.

      The question is if you are looking for a BPMS Platform with modelling capability or just a process modelling tool?

      If the later, products like Case Wise and IDS Scheer’s Aris should be a very functionally rich and good fit. If the former, look at BPMS products such as Appian, Progress Savvion, Lombardi or similar.

      As you have probably gathered there are a variety of products in the market at different price points so having a bit more detail on your exact requirements may help ours also add their suggestions.

      Hope that helps

      • Thanks for your respond, Mr Ian Louw.

        It is about BPMN modeling tools.
        There are a lot of them (on the list above).
        Usually, those modelers have validation check for a model, and even a simulation.
        A model can be very big, complex, hard to understand, even prone to errors because of the complexity.
        Therefore, their complexity need to be measured, a quality assurance based on a set of rules or metrics.
        (Most of) those metrics are adopted from “software quality metrics”.

        A BPMN model is build from task and gateways. The number of gateways can be 1, or 10 or 50 gateways.
        Irene Vanderfeesten, Jorge Cardoso, Jan Mendling, Hajo A. Reijers, Will van der Aalst, in their paper “Quality Metrics for Business Process Models”, examined how the degree of complexity in a model
        can be “weighted” by calculating the gateways and tasks/activities available in a model.
        it would be very useful if a complex model can be simplified, more human readable, easy to maintain or change.

        Is there any of the modelers listed above has capability to analyze such complexity function, to tell the modeler that his (valid) model is too complex or too big or not well-structured, too many nesting depth, bad modularization….?

        Best Regards,

  12. This is a pretty comprehensive list of things BPM. Might I suggest an additional entry for your list of free BPM tools?

    MID is a German company with an established modelling platform, Innovator. They have released a dedicated tool for business analysts, Innovator for Business Analysts, and have appointed Aptero Solutions as their UK (and beyond) distributor expanding beyond their traditional German-speaking user base.

    Innovator for Business Analysts is available in a free edition with fully-functioning BPMN 2.0 modelling support for standalone users.

    In Germany, visit MID:

    Outside Germany, visit Aptero Solutions:

  13. Great blog. Lots of good material for researching viable solutions.

    I’d like to suggest Integrify OnPremise for the general BPM vendor list and Integrify Cloud BPM for the Cloud Based Services list.

    Integrify was one of the first to offer a cloud-based solutions starting in 2006.


  14. Possible addition to BPM vendors would be Kavi Corporation – http://kavi.com.

    Kavi assists corporations, associations, and standards organizations with process adherence. Their online business collaboration software is scalable, so you can find the solution that best fits your needs.

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  16. Hi Ian,

    For the Free Process tools I would suggest adding ADONIS:Community Edition (http://www.adonis-community.com) – free BPA tool by BOC Group.

    Recently our tool hit the milestone of 10,000 registered users. To celebrate it my company is running a BPM contest.

    Users can participate in the contest by submitting their BPM stories, lessons learned and tips till March 29th. After that date all ADONIS Community members can vote for the best story to select the winner. The prize for the best submission is Apple iPad.

    It would be great if you would be so kind to write about our contest on your blog.

    In case you find it relevant please find below link to our site and to the press release:

    Best regards,


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  23. Hi,

    maybe a good addition to the section “Performance & Decision Management”, because of the topic of your website: the management of business processes.

    KPI Portal (www.kpi-portal.com) is a quitte young website that offers a lot of KPI’s. Nothing new, is what I hear you thinking. Correct, but at KPI Portal, KPI’s are filed under a number of categories: the Balanced Scorecard dimension the KPI matches with, the industry the KPI is worth implementing for, and the business process that can be measured with the KPI. That last dimension makes it a useful website for your visitors, I think.

  24. hi,

    I like the bolg
    it is really very much informative…
    just started my blog… trying to develop it.
    your blog helped me a lot.. thnx
    Appreciate your hard work

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