Model Oriented Architecure (MOA) – IASA Summit Presentation

A recording of the recent IASA E-Summit focussed on raising the understanding of MOA….

IASA has recently identified the need for an industry level education in Model Oriented Architecture which includes related concepts of Model Driven Architecture, Domain Specific Languages, code generation, Model Driven Development, Domain Driven Design and other architectural approaches that put the model at the center of IT initiatives. Conceptually this includes any process or framework that focuses on model as more than simply text and documentation.

As a part of this E-Summit series you will hear from practiced experts throughout the industry on MOA topics and concepts. This is the type of training you and your team can only get from practicioner based organizations like IASA.

The recording can be found here (may require registration)


Free BPM Modeling Tools


I was recently asked by a customer if I know of any free process modeling and automation tools. This got me thinking of how many vendors provide a free edition of their software for unlimited use i.e. no trial basis or try before you buy editions. After some research I came up with the following short list.

 Free BPM and Process Modeling Tools:

I have not evaluated each application so could not comment on their strengths and weaknesses but would be interested to hear about other free BPM and/or Enterprise Architecture tools so I can add them to my resource list